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3G Mobiles

3G mobiles are the next step in portable communications within Australia, providing consumers with the possibility of faster service as well as many new technological capabilities. Internet access while out and about is one aspect of 3G mobiles that has excited people, allowing constant access to information and online communication methods. The network options for 3G mobiles are expanding all the time, with the extensive Telstra Next G network now being followed by an Optus network for 3G mobiles as well as a Vodafone network. The 3 Mobile 3G mobile phone service has been servicing Australia since 2003 in partnership with Telstra, making it the longest serving 3G service provider in Australia. 3G mobiles have previously been perceived as unaffordable, but these days you can get a 3G capable phone for around 100 dollars meaning no one has an excuse not to be using 3G mobiles.

What can I expect from 3G mobiles?

This site can help you to decide which service provider is the right one for you, as well as giving you information to get you excited about 3G mobiles. We have pages on all the major players in 3G mobiles service within Australia to help you stay informed about what is on offer on the market at the moment. Articles on 3G mobile and how people are using them at the moment keep you up to date on the world of 3G mobiles, and this site also provides useful links to some of the most reliable providers of 3G mobiles and other kinds of mobile phone products. If its about 3G, and specifically 3G in Australia, then you may be able to find it here.

How will 3G technology help me?

If you choose the right provider of service for 3G mobiles, then 3G technology could open up many new possibilities in communication and portable entertainment. Many users of 3G mobiles love to use their phones to get updates on the news wherever they are as well as getting access to major entertainment events through their 3G mobiles. With 3G mobile networks, information can be transferred at an incredible rate, which has made it possible to provide mobile phone users with video content and other entertainment options more conveniently than any other method available prior to the advent of 3G mobiles.